Ever see a movie that’s so bad you needed others to experience the horrors for themselves? In “Uncorked” Lemonade gets together with special guest Kombucha (Anja Akstin), and a few others to a viewing party of short films and features of varying terribleness, with a post-viewing roundtable. The goal? To compile a list of the best bad-movies and dive into the movies to find the good and the bad in everything seen that evening.

Concessions Confessions

Say you go to the movies with a friend, and on the way home you talk about all the things you liked or disliked about the movie. What did it do right? What did it do wrong? That’s what this is. Concessions Confessions is a show where we get together just to talk about a movie. It’s watchable on YouTube and listenable as a podcast on our Spotify.