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Want to have some fun and play some games? So do we! Come and take a load off as we hang out and play a few games. Mostly weird or older things.

When trying to make a pie, Charles and Nate accidentally tore a whole through time and space, hurling them into the past. Now they try desperately to get the ingredients they need to make the pie to send them home

Story by Pop

Words & art by Lemonade

Throw #1

Throw #2



A collection of the funny things.

Funny Images

Trading Cards

Based off of all our media, the Pop and Lemonade TCG is a fun only project to see what we'd look like as trading cards! Based off of the Pokemon TCG, these cards can be played, but not that effectively as they are designed more for jokes than anything else.

The Background Album

A collection of "soothing" background noises and hypnotherapy sleep relaxation tracks. As well as a brief recording of the end of the world to hand of the MEGADUCK.(Produced back when we were Pepsi and Lemonade).

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Hyperdrive - OST

The OST from the short film: Hyperdrive (click here to watch). Made in cooperation with Pop and Lemonade and Fedora Stories.

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